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Organic Blend Medium Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L Bag in a Box

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Organic blend of extra virgin olive oil by Frantoio Muraglia created as nature intended: free from any chemical to maximise the organoleptic properties of the raw material. Coming in a handy 3 litre bag in a box, great to refill your ceramic bottles and never run out of this precious liquid gold.

Perfect for cooking (although, only for short amount of time), but also raw to finish a chickpea soup, a bruschetta or to drizzle on pizza. Delicate and elegant, it accompanies any dish with enough character to enhance their flavours.

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100% cold pressed olives from organic groves. Blend of 50% coratina and 50% peranzana olives. Made in Apulia, Italy

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Affectionately known as capatosta, a nickname that in Italian means stubborn, the Muraglia family has been looking after their land and its olive trees for over five generations, down to the tiniest detail. Not far from their olive groves, the century od stone mill works non stop during the harvest, allowing Frantoio Muraglia to crush their olives within 4 hours from picking, quite the rarity. The Coratina and Peranzana olives are the varieties chosen by Frantoio Muraglia as the epitome of the Apulia region, offering both intense and medium fruitness, to suit every table, cooking style and cuisine.