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Brown Carnaroli Rice 1kg in 100% Compostable Packaging

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*** Best before date: 29th September 2022 ***

Grown between the region of Lombardy and Veneto, near Mantua, Meracinque Carnaroli Rice is special for many reasons.

The perfect base to any risotto, cook for 23-25 minutes. We particularly love how this rice releases starch throughout the cooking, creating a super creamy risotto.

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DetailsEverything you need to know about this product.

1. A registered Micro Natural® method that allows the preservation of the good health of the plant by keeping the rice field healthy with micronized rock powder and natural microorganisms.

2. Aged for 12 months to allow the rice to ossify the grain that maintains its nutritional properties and guarantee an excellent results in the kitchen.

3. Dried at low temperature to prevent grain fracturing. The fuel used is LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) that leaves NO traces of hydrocarbons on the product.

4. 360 degree sustainability thanks to soil mapping, variable- rate sowing, cover crops, minimum tillage, land rotation.

5. A new 100% plastic-free compostable packaging, that disappears in 90 days in the organic waste.

Producer Learn more about who made this product.

Meracinque was born in 2017 to embody a tradition and a family dream. Meracinque is the story of a crop, a family, and their land. 5 sisters who, after many years apart, came together with the same wish: give life to the best Carnaroli rice.