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Artisan Mountain Pasta Linguine 500g

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Regina dei Sibillini produces pasta according to the artisanal method: bronze drawing and drying at low temperatures, using only wheat from mountain lands between 600 and 900 meters above sea level. The way the raw materials grow and processed, gives the transformed product a characteristic flavour rich in aromas and a scent that stands out already at the time of cooking.

Linguine are the perfect alternative to spaghetti, especially with rich seafood sauces. Always remember to cook them al dente and give them a couple of extra minutes with the sauce in the pan, allowing the starch to be released and making the sauce very creamy.

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Width: 3.20mm
Lenght: 260mm
Thickness: 1.60mm
Cooking time: 9-11 min

Boil abundant water, add salt, then throw in the Linguine and cook for at least 9-10 minutes (al dente). Try it, and depending on your taste, if you like it slightly softer on the inside, leave it for a couple of more minutes.

Drain, throw in the pan with the sauce, toss at high heat. Add a good amount cheese, extra virgin olive oil if needed, and enjoy!

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Durum WHEAT semolina, water (allergens in CAPS). Made using wheat grown and processed in the region of Marche, Italy.

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Regina dei Sibillini is a company born in Montefortino in the Marche region that produces pasta using only durum wheat from its own land in the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains. A rare choice, that of durum wheat in a mountain environment (600 to 900 above sea level), which together with direct cultivation and artisanal processing methods, allowed Regina dei Sibillini to create a unique and high quality product.

The mountains, the water, the air, and the determination of doing things with care are all elements you can taste in this incredible pasta.