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Ligurian Taggiasca Olives Tapenade (Taggiasca Olives Paté) 180g

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Best before date: 23/03/2024

Indulge in the rich legacy of flavour with our Ligurian Taggiasca Olives Tapenade (Taggiasca Olives Paté) from La Macina Ligure. Rooted in history, this tapenade recipe traces back over two thousand years to the time of the Roman senator Cato the Elder. La Macina Ligure meticulously adheres to the ancient tradition, creating a Taggiasca olives paté (or tapenade) that resonates with glorious simplicity.

Crafted with a time-honoured technique, this olive tapenade is a testament to the harmonious blend of smashed Taggiasca olives and carefully selected condiments. The result is a culinary masterpiece that can elevate a range of dishes.

Experience the versatility of this tapenade – a perfect accompaniment to creamy pasta, steamed fish, and bruschetta. Due to its natural fat content, it serves as an excellent substitute for extra virgin olive oil in salads, adding depth and richness to your culinary creations.

Transport your taste buds to the ancient Roman era and beyond with La Macina Ligure's Ligurian Taggiasca Olives Tapenade – where history meets simplicity in every jar.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keith H.
The Best

This is the best olive tapenade I’ve tasted , great with crusty bread also great as a base for bruschetta.

Luca V.
So tasty

This tapenade tastes soo good it’s become a regular purchase. You really get what you pay for and more. Anything else I’ve tried from other retailers just doesn’t measure up…