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Classic Pandoro 1KG

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Panettone and Pandoro are the symbols of Italian Christmas. On par with Santa and the presents under the tree, they simply make Christmas... well, Christmas!

Now, in Italy there are teams: you are either Team Panettone or Team Pandoro, and the competition is fierce. For us, they have simply different uses and perhaps, different times to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Panettone is for Christmas Day, while Pandoro is for New Year's Day. We love them both, however if you are not a fan of raisins and candied oranges, then Pandoro is the one for you, now and always!

The dough is so soft, versatile and with such a subtle sweet taste, that Pandoro feels almost incomplete when not coupled with a sauce. Italians often opt for zabaione, but your fantasy is the limit: try with a lemon curd, a vanilla custard, a chocolate ganache, or be daring and have an Irish coffee on a side!

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Soft WHEAT FLOUR, sugar, BUTTER (MILK), fresh EGGS, pasteurized fresh whole MILK, natural YEAST (contains WHEAT), mono and diglyceride emulsifiers of fatty acids, salt, flavourings. Ingredients of the icing sugar (6%): sugar, WHEAT starch, flavourings. It may contain nuts and soybeans. (allergens in CAPS)

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Started in 1944, in a small pastry shop on Viale Monza, Milan, Angelo Vergani decided to turn his love for baking into a business. The years after the war were difficult, citizens still remember the sound of bombing way too well. Combining his passion with the use of natural ingredients and a constant pursuit of quality, “Mr. Vergani” soon became known and appreciated among his fellow citizens, and specialised in the production of the real Milanese Panettone.

Almost eighty years have passed and the current laboratory (a few hundred metres from where the first bakery was born) now produces 600,000 Panettone loafs every year, still made according to an old tradition, with the same craftsmanship and following the original recipe handed down to us by great-grandfather Angelo.

Customer Reviews

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Richard B.
Pandoro…. Christmas is now on!

We’ve been having Pandoro for years ever since my son brought one back from Italy when he was working there after uni.

It’s one of the highlights of the festive season and so finding the Red Beetle a few years ago has been great. We’ve been ordering them ever since. The quality is great and l look forward to opening one every year. Just the aroma when you open it so arresting and brings back so many good memories. You think we’ll never eat all that but believe me it goes very quickly. Not many people settle for one slice.

So thank you Red Beetle. I look forward to many more orders in the future.

Best regards


One of the best cakes of this kind on the market.