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A little about Feast

How we started

Our journey in the food industry started with a vintage 50 year old, Volkswagen Red Beetle. The company founded in 2015 wasn’t just about the car for us. An entire philosophy revolved around a simple idea: to embrace the slow travel of Italy, discover small family businesses and bring their products to the UK.

A huge part of this discovery process involved meeting in person with each of our producers, spend time with them, and build a very personal relationship. It was going brilliantly, then 2020 happened.

One of the founding pillars of our company was no longer an option. We have always been incredibly proud of the transparency behind our business. If we met with a producer, you could learn about it in the product description. If we haven’t, then this was disclosed too. To keep alive a story about travels and discovery, that was not really part of our job anymore, seemed almost like cheating.

And here is where the second part of our journey started.

Where we are going

In exploring the next chapter of our business, we went back to basic and wondered: what is it that we really love about Italian food? Quality of course, but also provenance, regionality, seasonality. However, besides these descriptive traits, we were missing a little heart.
It all became very clear when we hear Stanley Tucci saying: “food that brings us together”.

When thinking of Italy and food, you cannot escape the images of plates filled with regional treats, copious glasses of wine and happy, joyous people, simply enjoying being together.

Here at Feast, we want to make sure you find all the necessary ingredients to create this magic, all year around. We want to share our passion for Italian food and knowledge of each and every product so that you can create the most incredible feast for your loved ones.

The memories, the stories, the laughter around the table..
we leave that to you!