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Founder and Director

Meet Deb

Italian by birth, Australian by choice, after moving to London in 2015 I decided to begin a new, crazy, adventure combining my knowledge of e-commerce and marketing, with my longtime passion for Italian produce.

Food has always been an integral part of my life; since participating and loving every second of the tomato harvest as a child, to raising money for a charity through baking day and night, food never fails to bring me joy.

Looking for quality ingredients and great people to work with is a relentless, yet incredibly satisfying job, always evolving, especially in this challenging climate. However, I love every second and wouldn’t change it for the world. Plus, I also get to talk with you all (it’s me replying to your messages at all hours), so what more could I ask for?

Pictured here while going through 100 years old barrels and sampling aged balsamic vinegar at our producer, il Borgo del Balsamico.

Our Warehouse Team

Carrier 3PL Group

Based in Barnstaple, Devon, we've been with the Carrier Group for almost 5 years. We found them after a couple of disastrous experiences and are now an integral part of our family.

Rachel, Paul, Lisa, Kirsten, Andy are only few of the wonderful bunch looking after our products from the moment they arrive in the UK, to the final dispatch. We always work together to find better ways to protect products during transit, with a particularly keen eye to eco-friendly packaging.

We love them to bits!

PS. Still working on getting a picture from them, stay tuned!

Digital Marketing Goddess

Meet Alice

Alice is our digital marketing and advertising manager and has been for over 5 years. Another great long term relationship, and one we could not function without.

She lives in Barcelona, we like to think of her as our Google whisperer, looking after all our advertising campaigns so that you can actually find us in the intricate and busy web.

She's a ray of sunshine (as you can clearly see here!) and also a wonderful yoga teacher.

Brand Manager

Meet Martina

Martina crossed our path a few years back and we could not think of anyone else to look after everything related to our company brand.

She has this extraordinary ability to read our mind, understand what we are looking for, before we do. She is always so attentive to our words, said or otherwise, and interpret any idea of the month we might have.

When we decided to rebrand, she listened, and created the beauty that is Feast Italy. She's also incredibly kind and a wonderful human to have a coffee with, talking about women empowerment and anything that could change the world for the better.

We're super lucky to have Martina in our Team!