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*** Spend over £50 and get a bag of Antonio Mattei Pistachio Cantuccini ***
*** Spend over £50 and get a bag of Antonio Mattei Pistachio Cantuccini ***

Looking after Planet A

In Italy there is a say: "good deeds are done, not told" (il bene si fa, non si dice). Almost like being good or doing something positive can turn into negative if shared with the world. Much better to keep it hush. We grew up with this mentality, and am still conflicted whether to broadcast this or not. 

For the past years, we have been wondering how the Red Beetle could play its part. After all, we are an e-commerce business, importing products from Italy, shipping all over the globe. Our footprint is certainly high, and although we use recycled and compostable packaging everywhere possible, work with partners trying their best to limit plastic packaging (and we often select our products accordingly), there was something missing. An active part from our side, if you will. Something tangible. 

After much research, we decided it was time to partner with One Tree Planted, and repopulate forests all around the world. From July 2019, for each order coming through the Red Beetle shop, a tree will pop up in a forest somewhere. At the end of the year, we'll proudly share our results. 

Small steps... but steps nonetheless. We hope you'll join us along the way. 

With Much Love,
Deb & the Red Beetle Team