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Grilled Peaches & Mascarpone w/ Balsamic Vinegar Recipe - Feast Italy

Grilled Peaches & Mascarpone w/ Balsamic Vinegar Recipe

An easy and quick breakfast idea or dessert for seasonal peaches & the king of all sweet Italian preparations: mascarpone. Easy to put together, no quantity required, just make sure you use quality ingredients, they do make all the difference in the world. 


Brown raisin bread cut in sliced, toasted 
Peaches, cut in halves. Grill on a pan, till the juicy front becomes slightly brown
Mascarpone cheese. As much as you like. It can be "nature" (nothing added to it), or you can add a little sugar to make it even more sweet. 
Limited Edition Satin by Il Borgo del Balsamico. Drops all around!

There you have it. You can easily put it in a bowl without the bread, use ricotta instead of mascarpone, but make sure you keep the combo with both peaches and balsamic, that's a match made in heaven. 

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