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*** Spend over £60 for a FREE Antonio Mattei Tosca Tin & FREE SHIPPING ***
How to choose honey - Feast Italy

How to choose honey

Honey is a fantastic ingredient, and our producer Adi Apicoltura manages to pack all its natural goodness into every jar. Renowned not only as a valid alternative to sugar, Adi Apicoltura honey is organic, raw, and its range can adapt to any kitchen use. ⁠

With so many varieties, it can help to have some guidelines of the different flavours, pairing options and organoleptic properties of the honeys in our shop. 


Acacia Honey Extremely mild, light in colour, vanilla-like flavour, versatile sweetening, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. Great with goat and soft cheeses.
Cherry Honey Sweet and savoury flavour, strong aftertaste of cherry stone and almonds, aromatic notes of rose flowers. Perfect for cheeses.
Chestnut Honey Strong taste, slightly sweet with acid and astringent notes, persistent bitterness. Pairs well with grilled meats and hard cheeses.
Coriander Honey Medium-sweet taste, spicy and vegetable aromatic notes, refreshing sensation, hints of coconut and chewy toffee.
Eucalyptus Honey Nutty and floral, strong references to liquorice, caramelised undertones, enduringly sweet. Pairs well with cheeses.
Linden Honey Fresh and slightly balsamic, persistent taste, reminiscent of mountain herbs and mint, great with milk and cheeses.
Orange Blossom Honey Medium sweetness, subtle citrusy flavour, fragrant aroma, versatile sweetening, enhances pastries and fresh fruits.
Sulla Blossom Honey Less intense flavour, medium sweet with a slight tendency to acidity, versatile with sweet and sour dishes, and cheeses.
Wildflower Honey Delicate sweetness with nuances of fruits and vegetables, medium sweetness, slightly aged cheese and fruity desserts.
Wildforest Honeydew Honey Delicate sweetness, strong, bitter, and persistent aftertaste, ideal with cheeses and desserts, reminiscent of maple syrup.
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