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Gluten Free Soft Hazelnut Almond Amaretti 200g

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Best before date: 21/04/2024

Indulge in the irresistible charm of Antica Amaretteria's Soft Hazelnut Amaretti biscuits from Piedmont, a true testament to artisanal perfection. Specialized in crafting high-quality soft amaretti, Antica Amaretteria cherishes time-honoured traditions, presenting a manual and authentic production process that meticulously selects the finest ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Pure & Nutty Delight: Experience the pure and nutty delight of our Soft Hazelnut Amaretti, expertly crafted with only sugar, egg whites, and locally sourced hazelnuts. An exquisite blend that captivates your taste buds.

  • Versatile Indulgence: Elevate your morning coffee or enjoy a moment of sweetness with a glass of wine after dinner. Our hazelnut amaretti adds a touch of sophistication to every occasion.

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Handmade with care, our amaretti embodies the artisanal spirit, showcasing the rich pastry traditions of Mombaruzzo. Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of Lower Piedmont's heritage.

  • Gluten-Free Goodness: Embrace the goodness of gluten-free indulgence. Our hazelnut amaretti is crafted with a commitment to quality, ensuring a delightful treat suitable for various dietary preferences.

  • Locally Sourced Hazelnuts: Savor the distinctive flavour of hazelnuts sourced locally, enhancing the taste of our amaretti with the rich essence of the Piedmont region.

  • Individually Wrapped Freshness: Each Amaretti biscuit is meticulously wrapped to preserve its exquisite flavour and ensure a fresh, delightful experience with every treat.

Antica Amaretteria's Soft Hazelnut Amaretti is not just a sweet indulgence; it's a culinary journey through the heritage of Mombaruzzo. Handmade with hazelnuts, sugar, and egg whites, every bite is a celebration of authenticity. Order now and experience the richness of Piedmont's culinary tradition in every delightful piece.

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Patrick J.
Amaretti biscuits

They are lovely and a speedy shipment thank you