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Rosemary Handmade Focaccina from Piedmont 100g


Best before date: 20/10/2024

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A delicious focaccia handmade in the heart of Monferrato, Piedmont, by Panificio Bo. Crunchy and tasty, great with goat cheese, Mediterranean dips like tzatziki and hummus, or anything going on a platter for antipasto. They are also a great snack in the half hour prior eating dinner (when you're so hungry you can no longer wait!). 

Since 1820, Grissinificio (literally breadsticks maker) Bo is synonym of tradition, quality and a deep connection with the surrounding territory. Their products are still handmade today, and have been enjoyed for generations.

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WHEAT flour, 15% rice oil, BARLEY malt, brewer's yeast, 3% salt, 2% rosemary (Allergens in CAPS)