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Salame al Cioccolato. Chocolate Salame Recipe.

Ricetta Salame al Cioccolato - Chocolate Salame Recipe - the Red BeetleWho can resist a Chocolate Salame? No one, really no one. This has a little twist: we used hazelnuts instead of cookies. See, healthy!

Very easy, always a hit with family and friends. Caution: it will disappear, fast.


160g Hazelnuts Crushed
120g White Sugar
100g Unsalted Butter - diced, at room temperature
100g Cocoa Powder - Unsweetened
A splash of Rhum / Essence of Rhum  
2 Eggs
Icing Sugar to serve


Whisk eggs and half the sugar (idealy at bain-marie). Add in the cocoa powder, Rum and butter. Keep mixing with a spoon.
Add in the remaining sugar and mix a little (if you mix too much it will dissolve, while we like to keep the crunchy bits intact!)
Put the mix on cling wrap, together with the crushed hazelnuts, roll on the shape of a very thick salami. About 8/10cm in diamater would be ideal.
Let rest in the fridge for at least 3 or 4 hours. Keep checking and adjusting the shape while it sets.


It is much better the day after. Pay attention to the shape, and dust it with icing sugar before serving. As delicious as it is, it does have a tendency of not be very good looking.
Lastly, if you are bringing it over to a friends party, wrap it in baking paper and hold it together with cooking rope. Just like you would traditionally wrap a real Salami in Italy!

Ricetta Salame al Cioccolato - Chocolate Salame Recipe - the Red Beetle

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