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Linguine alle Vongole. Linguine with Clams Recipe - Feast Italy

Linguine alle Vongole. Linguine with Clams Recipe

I am always surprised at how easy this recipe is and how well it is received by family and friends. Few notes to make it super yummy, and a quick recipe. 

Ingredients for 4 people 

250g Linguine
1kg Fresh Clams (with shells)
2 Garlic Cloves
2 Chilli Peppers
1/2 Glass of white wine
Extra virgin olive oil 
Salt & Pepper to taste


First thing first, a note about fresh clams. Our fishmongers gave them to us cleaned and pretty much ready to go. We still rinsed them under cold water, and let them sit in a bowl while we were getting the ingredients ready. If you find them "veraci" (straight out of the sea), consider leaving them in salted water overnight. A good ratio is 70g of salt in 1L of water. This will allow them to "get rid of" the dirt, sand, anything you don't want to find in your plate later on. Frozen, they are good to go. 

Place the clams in a pan with the garlic and white wine over high heat, let the alcohol evaporate, then seal with a lid until the clams are completely open. It will take about 3 minutes. Drain them but keep the water (sauce): filter and put aside. Always discard those clams that remained closed. As Grandpa taught us, it's not safe to eat them.

Brown the garlic with the chilli peppers over low heat, add the clams, and the previously filtered water and season for a few minutes. 

Cook the linguine in salted water and drain "al dente", this way they will not overcook in the pan. Put them in the pan with the clams, mix for a few seconds, serve hot with some freshly ground pepper and finely chopped parsley.


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