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*** Spend over £60 for a FREE Antonio Mattei Tosca Tin & FREE SHIPPING ***
Our Signature Tiramisù Recipe. - Feast Italy

Our Signature Tiramisù Recipe.

During my 8 years in Australia I got asked many times: what is your "signature" recipe? My answer was only the same: tiramisù. It is not the only one anymore, but in my twenties Tiramisù was somehow my first love and one I could always pull off.

So here's my recipe, one that I have perfected over time, enjoyed making and even more eating. Hope you'll love it too!

Ingredients for a tin of 20x28cm (I can't say how many people, it depends on the size of each slice ;D)

1kg Mascarpone
10 Fresh Yolks
225g White Sugar
36 Savoiardi (two packs - however this depends on the size of the ladyfingers and the brand)
400ml La Bottega Milanese Coffee (4 shots)
Cocoa Powder 
Liqueur to taste (to add to coffee or cream)


Whisk the egg yolks and sugar on a slow speed to start, then move up gradually until white and fluffy. If you have a Kitchenaid, we started at speed 2, moved up to 6. 

Then gradually add the mascarpone fresh from the fridge, and whisk until the lumps are gone. You'll have a very smooth cream, easy to spread. 

Meanwhile, make the coffee and leave in a bowl to cool down. Dip the ladyfingers on the sugar-free side and start placing on the tin with the wet side facing down.

Test the tin first to see how many layers you can comfortably fit: consider approximately 1cm of cream between each ladyfinger layers, remember the first layer is ladyfinger, the last is cream. Then divide the amount of cream based on the number of layers. Proceed "lasagna style" (one layer of ladyfingers and one of cream) until you finish the cream.

Refrigerate for at least 8-10 hours. I often find this is better the next day, however it not always lasts that long. Sprinkle with cocoa right before serving and enjoy!

Notes: the more sugar you use, the more liquid the cream becomes. Also, depending on the consistency of the mascarpone, you may want to adjust the sugar. For example, Galbani makes a very liquid mascarpone (and I'm not a big fan), while the one from Sainsbury is thicker and better for this particular recipe.

If you could get fresh mascarpone from a local cheese shop, then reduce the sugar even more. 

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