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Ravioli with Hazelnuts Pear Ricotta & Blue Cheese Recipe - Feast Italy

Ravioli with Hazelnuts Pear Ricotta & Blue Cheese Recipe

Yep, we love making ravioli. Here's in an autumnal version, using some of our favourite cheeses and seasonal pears. What's not to love?

Ingredients for 2 people

For the fresh pasta

2 Eggs
200g of Pasta Flour 

For the filing

100g Fresh Ricotta 
50g Blue Cheese
1 Pear - diced
25g Hazelnuts 
Salt - to taste
Freshly Ground Pepper - to taste
2 Fresh Sage Leaves
50g Butter 
Parmesan & Hazelnuts to serve


For the pasta dough. On a clean surface, make a volcano shape  with the flour and crack the eggs inside it. Beat the eggs with the fork, incorporating the flour a little at the time, then when you see lumps forming, continue with your hands until you get a smooth elastic ball. Cover with some cling film, and let rest for at least an hour.

Meanwhile, strain the ricotta and eliminate any excess water. Mix with the blue cheese. Peel and dice the pear. In a pan, heat up 15g of butter and toss the pear for about 5 minutes. Remove and let cool down.

Crush the hazelnuts (you are looking for a crumble consistency), and mix with the pear and the rest of the ingredients.

Start rolling your pasta dough. If you have a machine, then keep going until the second to last setting. Here, I went to the last one and the dough was a little thin, allowing some to break during boiling. The second to last is more than fine.

Use a ravioli cutter (8cm) or a glass and a sharp knife to cut the edge. Cut as many circles to finish the pasta. With a teaspoon, place the mix on the circles, then fold to create a half moon. Press the edges together, make sure you don't leave any air bubble inside the ravioli, and bring the corner to the front to close them together. 

In a large pan, bring abundant water to the boil. In the meantime, in a large pan at low-medium heat, melt the butter with fresh sage leaves. Cook the ravioli until they float to the surface, and then drain and transfer to the pan. Gently toss for a minute, until all ravioli are covered in butter. 

Add the grated parmesan, some hazelnuts and enjoy!

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