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Soft Cake with Apples. Family Recipe - Feast Italy

Soft Cake with Apples. Family Recipe

This recipe has been in the family for decades. It was a way to keep me busy on Sunday afternoons, and also having something homey for breakfast in the days to come. It did happen on a few occasions that half the cake was gone before the weekend was over, especially in the version without apples, and the addition of chocolate. 


300g Sugar 
150g Butter
300g Soft Cakes / Pastry Flour
100ml Milk
3 Large Eggs
12g Baking Powder
4g Baking Soda
3 Golden Apples (any apple really, except the super green ones!)
Cinnamon if you like it :)


In a mixer, combine sugar and butter until smooth. Add flour and the baking powders combined, and slowly, one egg at the time. Add the milk and keep mixing until smooth a soft. 
Cut the apples in thin slices and coat them with a layer of flour. This is a trick granny shared: if they are coated, they won't sink to the bottom. Here, I didn't and as you can see: both layers on the bottom! Never argue with granny, she's always right.
Always coat your tin, either with a spray oil, or the old fashion way, with butter and flour, to avoid the cake to stick.
Then place a layer of the cake mix on the bottom, then one layer of apples. This works if the mix is quite dense, harder to do if too liquid. If that's the case I would suggest to place the bottom layer, then position all the apples "standing" (not flat!) and cover with the mix. It'll find its way between the apples and expand during baking. 
Lastly, if you love cinnamon, you can sprinkle some on the entire top, mixed with sugar. It'll create a lovely flavoursome crust.

PS. This is a very old recipe (1987), and I do see now 300g of sugar are almost illegal to propose. That being said, it is a cake that speaks of home, family and afternoons spent together. Hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless, simply for what it is: a childhood memory :)

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