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Under the snow, bread. Sotto la neve, pane. Regina dei Sibillini. - Feast Italy

Under the snow, bread. Sotto la neve, pane. Regina dei Sibillini.

Regina dei Sibillini Italian Pasta

We have a new producer in the house. It takes us a long time to add new products because we want to be sure. Like 100% sure. We need to know who's behind, how they work, but we also like to try them extensively. Aaah, the perks of our job! 

As you may know, our shop already offers an excellent Italian pasta, by Benedetto Cavalieri. Used by Michelin Star Chefs all over the world, it really needs no introduction. However, when a box of the Regina dei Sibillini pasta landed in our kitchen, we couldn't really look away. 

Regina dei Sibillini Italian Pasta

Made in the mountains of the Marche region, using only wheat grown at a higher altitude than usual, this pasta has a very unique and interesting texture.

Winters can be harsh, there is snow and lots of it (e.g. Moreno and family were under over a meter of snow last week). However that's not necessarily a bad thing. You see, snow allows the seeds to rest, it keeps them warm, and slowly hydrates it. That's why around Montefortino they have this say "under the snow, bread". Isn't this poetic? 

Sotto la neve, pane - Under the snow, bread - Regina dei Sibillini

Lastly, we are proud to work with people, to support them in their everyday life too. This area has been heavily affected by multiple earthquakes in the last few months, and to us there is no better way to help rebuild a community than by promoting their excellent products.

Monte Priora Monti Sibillini Marche Italy

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