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Original Recipe Italian Cantucci Biscuits 250g


Best before date: 30/09/2024

Embark on a journey through time with our Original Recipe Italian Cantucci Biscuits, a delectable creation dating back to the year 1858 when Antonio Mattei unveiled his personal twist on the already beloved northern Italian biscuit. Widely recognized as Cantucci or cantuccini, these biscuits boast a unique allure – not your typical sweet treat, but a crunchy delight adorned with almonds and pine nuts.

Antonio Mattei's original recipe has stood the test of time, offering a perfect balance of crunchiness and subtle sweetness that has captured the hearts of biscuit enthusiasts worldwide. Loved by all, these Cantucci are a testament to the artistry and innovation of Italian baking.

Savour the authentic experience of Antonio Mattei's Cantuccini at the end of a meal, complemented by a small glass of sweet wine such as Passito or Vin Santo. Alternatively, pair them with your favourite tea or coffee for a moment of pure indulgence. Regardless of the season or time of day, hot or cold beverage in hand, these Cantucci provide the perfect pause to relish the moment.

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Customer Reviews

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hannah c.
Not good

Far too sweet

Tom D.

We’ve known these biscotti for 20 years — even visited the shop! — and are delighted to be able to have them regularly through the Red Beetle. Ordering is very easy and delivery always prompt.

Vivienne M.

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