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*** Spend over £60 for a FREE Antonio Mattei Tosca Tin & FREE SHIPPING ***

Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


Introducing Frantoio Muraglia's Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a delicately fruity blend with a subtle smokiness and spice. Crafted over thirty-six months to preserve the essence of the precious Peranzana olive, this oil is perfect for everyday use. Here are some versatile ways to enjoy it:

Marinades and Dressings: Enhance meats, tofu, or vegetables with a flavorful marinade, or add depth to salads with a smoky vinaigrette.

Drizzling: Elevate grilled vegetables, meats, seafood, or soups with a drizzle of smoky aroma and flavor.

Dipping: Create a unique dipping oil by combining smoked oil with herbs and spices for bread or vegetables.

Finishing Oil: Add an extra layer of flavor to dishes like grilled steaks, roasted vegetables, or pasta with a finishing touch of smoked oil.

Seasoning Cast Iron: Season cast iron pans with a subtle smoky flavour by rubbing them with smoked oil before cooking.

Infusions: Customize your cooking with smoked oil infused with herbs, garlic, or chilli peppers for added depth of flavor.

Popcorn: Give classic popcorn a savoury twist by drizzling it with smoked oil for a unique snack experience.

Salads: Enhance the depth and complexity of salad flavors by incorporating smoked oil into dressings.

BBQ: Before grilling, brush meats, seafood, or vegetables with smoked oil to enhance the smoky flavour.

Baking: Complement the flavors of bread, biscuits, or savoury muffins with a subtle smoky note by using smoked oil in baking recipes.

Embrace the versatility of Frantoio Muraglia's Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil and elevate your culinary creations with its delightful smoky essence.

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Cold smoked with natural wood, Fumo (smoked) really is a special ingredient. The idea of smoking olive oil isn't common. The hard part is to make sure the final product is balanced, and to achieve this without altering the original greatness of the olives, that is a difficult task indeed. With this Frantoio Muraglia olive oil the smokey flavour does not impose, but completes beautifully the oil and everything else it touches.

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100% cold pressed and smoked Peranzana olives, from Apulia, Italy

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Affectionately known as capatosta, a nickname that in Italian means stubborn, the Muraglia family has been looking after their land and its olive trees for over five generations, down to the tiniest detail. Not far from their olive groves, the century od stone mill works non stop during the harvest, allowing Frantoio Muraglia to crush their olives within 4 hours from picking, quite the rarity. The Coratina and Peranzana olives are the varieties chosen by Frantoio Muraglia as the epitome of the Apulia region, offering both intense and medium fruitness, to suit every table, cooking style and cuisine.