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Hazelnut Loaf Recipe. A Breakfast Treat. - Feast Italy

Hazelnut Loaf Recipe. A Breakfast Treat.

A quick and easy hazelnut loaf (or bread) to indulge at breakfast or with your afternoon tea. We use raw hazelnuts to make our own meal, leaving the skin on for a very good reason: it's full of antioxidants and all kind of goodnesses. 

150g raw organic hazelnuts - blended⠀
250g fresh ricotta⠀
135g sugar⠀
2 eggs⠀
125g white flour⠀
10g baking powder⠀

1) Blend the hazelnuts to a meal consistency⠀
2) Mix ricotta, sugar, butter and eggs until smooth⠀
3) Add the hazelnut meal, flour and baking powder until combined⠀
4) Spoon the mixture in the tin, then bake for 160°C (forced fan) for 50 minutes or until a skewer inserted in centre comes out clean⠀

Serve with icing sugar and don't forget to share with someone you love!⠀

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