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Heston Blumenthal Chocolate Mousse Recipe - Feast Italy

Heston Blumenthal Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Our devotion for chocolate knows no boundaries. We have professed it many times over, we'll keep doing so till chocolate exists.

We've been looking for a way to showcase our Amedei Chocolate for a while now, bust still couldn't find the prefect recipe. It is a marvellous chocolate, and we wanted to make sure that the real taste came out, not the one of all the other ingredients. Till we found it!

Of course, the one and only Heston Blumenthal created a recipe using only two ingredients: dark chocolate of course and water. Oh yes, water.

Based on the chocolate you use, this recipe could turn out to be vegan, dairy free and of course gluten free. And as a little reminder, the Toscano Black does not contain any dairy, because it used the cacao butter while processing the raw material and there is no addition of any other ingredients rather than cane sugar. 

And the method? Quite simple too.

Ingredients for 4 people

350g Amedei 70% Dark Chocolate 
270ml Filtered Water


Finely chop the chocolate and place in a glass bowl. Boil the water and add to the chocolate. Using a whisk, mix until the chocolate has dissolved.
Place the bowl over an iced water bath and whisk, better by hand, until the mixture begins to thicken.
Remove the bowl from the iced water bath and continue whisking until the mixture just becoming soft set. Place in ramekins or small bowls and serve. 

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