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Fresh Egg Pasta Recipe. Handmade. With Love.

Handmade Fresh Egg Pasta - the Red Beetle

Making pasta is an incredibly relaxing activity. If you love food as much as we do, you know that fresh pasta is something that you would need to try at some point. It is fun, most of recipes will taste better, plus there is a sense of accomplishment that you would not get otherwise.

The recipe we previously featured, was from Granny Joesephine. The one we are trying today, is actually a common one. However, it is in our recipe books passed down from Great Granny Elsa. Quite amazing, if we might add.

Ingredients for 4 people:

400g Flour 
4 Eggs
Pinch of salt


Place the flour in a volcano shape, the eggs and salt in the centre. Use a fork to incorporate the flour in a circular motion, after a little while the mixture will start to get crumbly. Then start using your hands: press it, pull it, stretch it, reshape it, till the dough is soft and smooth in the appearance. Place in a plastic bag for about 20 minutes, make sure there's no air in it. 

Then it's rolling time. With a machine is quite easy: work the dough through each settings, multiple times, folding and going through the same setting a couple of times. Keep going until you are happy with the thickness of your pasta. Look out for a super silky and smooth sheet, make your Granny proud!
From here you can use any accessories to make spaghetti, tagliatelle, pappardelle, and so on. 

If you don't have a machine, that's OK too. Make sure you have a rolling pin and a large surface. Best if a wooden one. Clean it carefully (only with water). Then start rolling your dough, in each direction and on both sides. Flour it from time to time, you don't want the dough to stick on your rolling pin. 

When the dough is thin and silky, then you can decide how to cut it. Fold it if that makes it easier. Do it right away though: fresh pasta dries out quite quickly and becomes hard to work.

Now the fun part: what sauce are you going to use? Pesto? Or tomato? We decided to go with our favourite Organic (Vegetarian & Vegan) Pesto, from La Macina Ligure. But there many recipes, and some of the ingredients are right in our shop. Enjoy!

Fresh Pasta with La Macina Ligure Organi Basil Pesto - the Red Beetle

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