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Mushrooms, Truffles & Parmesan Pasta Recipe - Feast Italy

Mushrooms, Truffles & Parmesan Pasta Recipe

Another super fast recipe, ready within minutes: a delicious pasta, with sautéed mushrooms, finished with the yummy Savini Tartufi Parmesan and Truffle sauce. 

Ingredients for 2 

180g of Regina dei Sibillini Pasta (of your choice, we recommend spaghetti)
100g Baby King Oyster Mushrooms
80g White Truffle Parmigiano Reggiano Sauce 190g
50g Butter
2 Cloves of Garlic
Grated Parmesan to taste
Parsley to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste


1. Bring abundant salted water to the boil. 
2. In a pan, heat the butter with the garlic and when the cloves turn slightly gold, add the mushrooms.
3. Keep an eye on the mushrooms, turning them frequently so that they absorb all the flavours from the butter and garlic, meanwhile "butta la pasta" (throw the pasta in).
4. When the pasta is cooked, drain and transfer to the pan. Keep always a couple of tablespoon of the water, you may need it in the next step. 
5. Increase the heat and mix the pasta with the mushrooms, this should release a little of the starch creating a creamy consistency. If too dry, add some of the boiled water.
6. Turn off the heat and add the Parmesan & Truffle sauce, mix well. It is important the heat is off, you never want to cook truffles.
7. Add parsley, grated pepper and adjust parmesan if you need some extra. 


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